Getting the Best Deals For Hotels You’ve Identified

I don’t just generate hotel lists and pricing data for visitors to my site, but also for my own research. I am a connoisseur of finding the best deal possible. I probably spend more time looking for savings that amount to less money than I could have made if I were using that time to work at a minimum wage job. I don’t consider it a waste because it is thrilling to chase those last few dollars, To know when I walk into a hotel that everyone else staying there has paid more than me. Finding the cheapest hotel deal is one of my favorite puzzles to solve.

Yesterday I booked a hotel in the Palm Springs area that I had been thinking about for days. I’ll go through my thought process and the tools I used before finally booking a hotel at an opaque site. All the while I was fully confident in what hotel I was getting, and most importantly how much money I was saving.

There’s two major opaque hotel booking sites: Hotwire and priceline. I prefer hotwire since they tend to have bigger selection and it’s easier to find out what their “secret” hotels are. I looked up Hotwire’s results for Palm Springs and compared it with my own database of revealed hotels. For this trip I was looking for a nice hotel. Since I’m going in the hottest month of the year I need the hotel to have an expansive pool area that I could enjoy lounging around all day. So I filter for 4 stars and go through the list until I find the ones with the best pools. This probably takes the most time and it’s more up to personal preference. My goal is to solve opaque hotel bookings so that I’m no longer getting some random hotel that might be good enough. I find the hotel of my dreams and I get the best deal possible for it.

For this trip I decided on the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa A 4 star resort with 7 pools in the very affluent Indian Wells area surrounded by gorgeous mountains and golf courses. This was where I wanted to spend my money. The question now was: how low can I go?

To save the most money I chose to book on a weekday about a week in advance. The base net price of the hotel, what you’d get if you tried to book directly, was $114 ($156.72 after taxes and fees). That is kind of steep for me. I want that level of luxury while paying much less. Since I knew what Hotwire’s opaque listing was for this hotel thanks to my own site I quickly found that I could get the same hotel for $78 (123.95 after taxes and fees). That’s better but still not as good as I think I could get it for.

For one thing my historical price information showed that these hotel rooms have sold for less in the past!

Hyatt hotel price history
As you can see the average price is $75, and occasionally it could be as low as $72. The $78 Hotwire was giving me was definitely not the best deal I could get for this hotel.

If Hotwire isn’t giving you the numbers you want it’s time to do what any wallet-conscious consumer has the right to do: move on to the next place. For hotel bookings that would be Priceline. Now Priceline usually doesn’t have as big of a selection as Hotwire and they both use different pools of hotels so it’s not very likely you’ll find the same hotels on both. But I was feeling lucky. After doing some snooping and evaluating what the priceline opaque hotels were (how to do this I’ll go into more detail later) I found the right hotel!

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells on priceline
This was the same Hyatt I was interested in on Hotwire, only cheaper on Priceline. My total out the door price came to $115.60, Which is fine. I was going to book the hotel at this price when a text box caught my eye on one of the checkout screens: The coupon code. I love coupons so I immediately did a google search for Priceline coupon codes. I found a recent up to date promo code on which promised around 7% off on my order. I had go through the checkout process again for it to take effect, but then I was looking at a final booking cost of $110.63. That’s nearly $50 off the original price of $156.72, which isn’t too bad when you consider this entire time I knew exactly what hotel and deal I was getting. With a little effort and the right tools and you can find what you’re looking for at a price you can afford. You can also get cheap airline fare from