2018 Guide for Identifying Priceline Express Deals


One search and you will get combined results from Hotwire(revealed), Priceline(revealed), and many other websites with unpublished secret rates and promo codes. Finding the best deal never was easier. Oh, and no suprises at checkout: All our listed prices include the hidden fees and taxes every other site excludes.






Revealing Priceline Express Deals is even easier than identifying Hotwire hotels. Plus Priceline is cheaper than Hotwire 90% of the time and they don't inflate star ratings.
First, there's usually no need to even go through the following steps. The vast majority of hotels are already identified on this very site: Room Revealer, where you can easily identify every mystery Priceline Express hotel. If you still want to manually verify the hotel then read on...


1. Gather information about the Mystery Hotel

We'll be going over the different parts of the above image labeled in red to explain what's important.

  1. Make sure you clicked on the Express Deals tab so you're looking at the list of opaque hotels, not the already named ones at retail rates.
  2. Note the star rating of the hotel. The retail hotel will have the exact same star rating.
  3. Keep track of the area the hotel is in. The area is slightly grey and under the star rating.
  4. Note the hotel price and the crossed saving percent above it.
  5. The guest rating will be on the bottom. if it's 8+ that means you're looking for a hotel in the 8 to 8.9 rating. If no rating exists it means the hotel is not rated well or very new.
  6. You should note down the amenities by clicking on Hotel Amenities. Most of the time you don't even need these but it's good to verify correct identifications.


2. Use the information to filter the retail hotel list

priceline express hotel list

Go back to the "Browse ALL HOTELS" tab and fill in the information about the Express Deal hotel on the filter toolbar on the left. You'll want to set the star rating, and area. You can set the Hotel Amenities as well if you want to narrow down a hotel further. The results on the right are the potential hotels for your Express Deal.
The biggest indicator of a hotel's identity is the price. You can calculate the original retail price of the hotel by using the discounted express deal price and and the discount percentage. The following formula will get you the original market price for the hotel:

original_retail_price = express_deal_price/(1-%discount)

Where %discount would be a number between 0 and 1, such as 0.09 for 9%.

For the hotel shown at the top of the page, the express_deal_price is $94 and the discount is 52%. Plugging into the equation we get $94/(1-0.52) = $196
Whichever named hotel has a retail price closest to this original price value is likely to be correct. Usually the prices are exactly the same or within a few bucks of each other.

Now that you have filtered the results according to star rating, area, retail price, amenities, and guest rating there should only be 1 hotel your Priceline Express Deal could possibly be. If everything matches up and there are no other possibilities then you can have very high confidence on what hotel you will get when booking an Express deal on Priceline.