The Accuracy of Room Revealer For Hotwire Hotel Identifications

During various conversations I have with people about this site the same question consistently arises: Is the data on Room Revealer accurate? Specifically the Hotwire hotel information. As far as I know, Room Revealer is the only website with easy Hotwire hotel identifications. You run a search, compare the specifics, and boom you know what the hotel is. There are no hoops to jump through or requirements to post on forums. Yet, because it is so easy people wonder if the information is actually reliable.

The short answer is: yes, it is extremely accurate. It is precise enough that I tell my family members to use this site and trust implicitly that the hotel they match on Room Revealer will be the hotel they get on Hotwire. I have been identifying Hotwire hotels for well over three years. Over those years I have perfected methods of finding the exact hotel from Hotwire. There are in fact 3 unique pathways use by Room Revealer for identifying hotels. Each potential identification has to go through them all before being confirmed and listed on the site. Comparing the amenities, which is all any other Hotwire hotel identifier site will do, is only a part of a single one of those methods. In fact there is so much information you can wring out of Hotwire to get the real hotel’s name it’s nearly impossible to ever get a false match.

However, the key is still to use Room Revealer correctly! When you match with a hotel on Hotwire you must make sure that all the information matches. With the plethora of data available that can take a little time. In the picture below you can see all the data that must match to be confident you have identified the hotel.


Since everything does match exactly you can be confident that if you see this listing on Hotwire it is Caesars Palace. If the information does not match exactly, such as if the number of reviews is slightly off, or there’s an extra or missing amenity then the confidence drops somewhat. A slight difference in the number of reviews isn’t significant. However, if on Hotwire the hotel has 500 reviews and on Room Revealer it is listed as having 50 then those are definitely different hotels. Room Revealer is constantly updating this information to keep the listings recent, but slight drift is possible. Note that even the type of hotel needs to match on Room Revealer, whether it is a Resort as above, or Casino, Boutique, All-suites, or a regular Hotel. These are all unique identifiers used for Hotwire hotels.

If you match all of this information roughly exactly then you can be confident that it could be no other hotel. It is exceedingly unlikely that 2 or even more hotels would have all of those some identical data points and be in the same area! In this way, consider the information listed on Room Revealer to be fingerprints that you can match with hotels on Hotwire. If you find a match then that’s the hotel. Period.