SPENT Travel A strong alternative to Hotwire and Priceline

SPENT, known for their travel expense and cash back app, have recently entered the competitive hotel booking field with SPENTTRAVEL. The main advantage to booking through SPENTTRAVEL is that you will get a percentage of your booking returned after 30 days, which can be delivered to your Paypal account like other cash back offers by SPENT. There are many other ways to get cash back while booking hotels but SPENTTRAVEL appears to have one of the highest percentages, and it is a variable rate depending on the hotel and room you book. Generally the cash back for booking hotels falls between 10-20%, with many options in the 20% side of things and occasionally higher. The money from your cash back will be deposited into your Paypal after a 30 day waiting period.

In addition to hotels you can book flights and Car Rentals through SPENTTRAVEL, although the cash back percentage for those two options are significantly smaller, 2% or less. The biggest negative is that they have limited inventory, there are many hotels that are not listed on SPENTTRAVEL that would be on a more conventional online travel agent. However, there are still plenty of options and the ones that are listed will often be the cheapest that you could get anywhere (when you factor in the cash back). Most of the highest cash back hotels are on the luxury side of things but it’s still easy enough to find a Best Western with at least 10% cash back.

I think SPENTTRAVEL would be great for business clients and their travel agents. If you need a hotel in a specific area and can’t risk the unknown on Hotwire or Priceline then you’re probably not going to find a better deal. Frequent traveling will add up to pretty significant cash back quickly. Even if you only see an average of 10% back on each hotel it’s basically like getting every 11th hotel stay free, which is better than many hotel loyalty programs.

Give SPENT a try, download the app or use their desktop website travel.spentapp.com.