LastMinute Top Secret Hotel List for Budapest

Identified Secret Hotels in Budapest :

Contemporary 5-star hotel near the Danube

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
5 stars
92% rating

Luxury experience in unbeatable location

Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge
5 stars
88% rating

Stylish 4-star hotel on the eastern side of the Danube

Mamaison Hotel Andrassy Budapest
4 stars
91% rating

Chic 4-star 19th century hotel in Budapest’s historic centre

Boutique Hotel Carat Budapest
4 stars
87% rating

Classically decorated 4-star hotel on an island in Budapest

Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget
4 stars
86% rating

Modern 4-star hotel a stones-throw from the Danube

Novotel Budapest Danube
4 stars
86% rating

Riverside spa hotel in calm surroundings

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget
4 stars
84% rating

Contemporary 4-star hotel near Budapest’s Parliament building

NH Budapest City
4 stars
83% rating

Relaxing 4-star spa hotel in Budapest

Danubius Hotel Helia
4 stars
82% rating

Convenient 4-star hotel close to the centre of Budapest

Danubius Hotel Arena
4 stars
79% rating

Modern 4-star hotel in the centre of Budapest

Mercure Budapest Buda Hotel
4 stars
78% rating

Boutique hotel 1km walk away from Citadella

Gold Hotel Budapest
4 stars
77% rating

Smart 4-star hotel in the heart of Budapest

Hotel Hungaria City Center
4 stars
75% rating

Contemporary spa hotel metres from Danube and Margaret Island

The Aquincum Hotel Budapest
4 stars
74% rating