Different browsers give different hotel rates on Hotwire

It is definitely true that using different browsers can get you slightly different prices. Even if you load all the different browsers at the same time for the same location and same dates you might see different prices in all of them! If you take advantage of this unusual behavior you might be able to save a couple bucks off your next hotel booking.

The differences are usually very small, no more than $2-3, however that could add up to a significant sum of money if you’re booking many hotels. I can’t be sure why different browsers show different results. It might be because hotel providers give a range of prices they will accept and Hotwire picks some random price in each range whenever you send a request, or maybe they are using some algorithm that says Firefox users are more likely to click on their special adds and they can make up revenue that way.

In my limited and not very scientific experiments it looks to me like Firefox gives the lowest prices when compared with Chrome and Internet Explorer. For this reason all the price history I gather on this site is pulled using Firefox. But if I plan on booking any hotels in the future I will definitely use the data on this site AND look at a couple different browsers to make sure I’m getting the best deal.